This May we have been very busy and we will continue receiving visitors:

We receive the group “Fotos Viajes” (Travel pictures) of Francisco Dominguez on May 1. Instance in where they were amuse with all the colors, the leaves in fall, fungus, and also with the expected rain in the region. Without a doubt, they enjoyed and had fun.

Simultaneously, Maria Elena Wood, Juani Valdés and Catalina Fernández with their daughters visited us in what it was a week full of pampering, walks, pictures and great food.

After all that, we received the tv program “Espejo Emprendedor“, they enjoyed a fabulous sunny day while they made the shootings and interviews.

Finally yet importantly, on May 9 and 10, it was the FAM Tour of the Kutralkura GeoPark. Requested by the project GeoPark and organized by Sebastian Levy and Benjamin with the participation of Turismo Cocha, Otsi, Darwin Trail, Así Conserva Chile, Expediciones, Latitud 90 and others. It was a productive work and presentations of the local operators to start showing and selling this innovative product.

For the week of the 21 of May, we also expect to be visited for many guests looking after the magic of fall in Conguillío.

Video of the first FAMTOUR of the Kültralkura GeoPark in the Araucanía.