• Isabel Correa: Founding member, Manager, and Hostess.
  • Luca Citarella: Founding member and project manager.
  • Francisco Vicente: Administrator and Host.
  • María de los Angeles Martínez: Chef, part of the logistics and massages area.
  • María Viveros: Kitchen assistant.
  • Gloria Pinilla: Housekeeper and SPA.
  • Germán León: Maintenance and part of the logistics area.

We also count on our friend Marleen Deblieck, substitute hostess.

Sharing with us is: Matteo, Martina y Flora Citarella and Francisca Urrutia.

Also our dear apprentices, that every year leave a mark on La Baita.

We fondly remember Holger Lampinius, Jana, Corina Sherg, RodrigoCristóbal Cáceres and Javiera Jarpa, Pablo, José Abarca, Martín Fuentes, Diego Lorenzini, Diana Skopica, Yilian Romero, José SalasLuis Quevedo, Santiago Stevenson, Catalina Urenda, Mauricio Contreras, Matías Solar and Paloma Serey.

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