We go into the nature, where we admire it. It inspires us and makes us collaborate with it, to create a place where visitors can establish a direct and deep connection with it. Where they can learn from it, enjoy, take care of it and promote the responsible tourism through their commitment.

It is a place conceived to favor the expansion, connection, learning, rest and movement.

We promote the local development taking part in the community activities, forming teams with the local abilities and talents, stocking us up with local services and products generated by the community.

We are a role model with possibilities to improve as Center of Eco/Geo-Tourism by developing programs, activities and services with the resources from the new Geo Park Kiltracura.


The tourism is by excellence one of the most sustainable agents for economic and social growth in isolated regions, which had been hit by the severe strength of the nature, in many times.

We are trying to do the things right; providing a warm and quality service; assuming and getting over the challenges of distance, roads, deep snow in winter; and, over all, the imposing and majestic Llaima that every once in a while it roars and reveals.

Emotional tourism

In La Baita Conguillío, it is very important that our visitors receive a personal, quality and inclusive service. For that reason, we have committed to add sustainable practices and being socially responsible with the local community.

For this reason, the Foundation Trekkingchile, awarded us with different stamps that represent the actual commitment with the principles inspiring each one of our projects.


Welcome children

In la Baita, families with children find the calm and perfect place to enjoy a safety stay. It is a place adapted to the needs of our little guests.

One tourist, one tree

Compensating for the carbon footprint produced by long-distance flights, in which our foreign visitors travel to Chile; we are planting native trees in National Parks (program managed by CONAF), contributing to reduce the CO2 emissions produced by international air travel.


Nature for everyone

It has always been an essential principle for us to receive visitors with reduced mobility. Since 2010, we have a room with full access for wheelchairs. It was built under the existing accessibility construction standards.